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Hiking in Polonezkoy (Adampol), Istanbul...

Polonezkoy is a unique village with its success in protecting its green nature and environment around Istanbul…

While you were passing through the roads surrounded with pine trees and green lands, you suddenly feel your soul purified from the crowdedness, noise and chaos of Istanbul.

Polonezkoy is very ideal for nature lovers. With its 5 kilometers of trekking and hiking track, you may experience the nature with your family and friends.

Village's options for accommodation, resting and dining also give the visitors great opportunities for a rest after a wonderful hiking.

For the ones who want to taste the nature, silence and special activities in a heavenly place for all seasons... All and more in this sweet and lovely Polish village, 20 km. nearby Istanbul; Polonezkoy-Adampol awaits you!!! - Travel Guide to famous & touristic Polish village, Polonezkoy (Adampol) in Istanbul, Turkey