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Culture of Polonezkoy (Adampol), Istanbul...

The existence of "Polonezkoy-Adampol" within Istanbul-Turkey is a cultural and historical event that has never before been seen in the world. This village was established in 1842, in Istanbul, Turkey after Poland was invaded by its neighbors Russia, Austria and Prussia in 1775.

The village was formerly the basis of the Eastern Agency (Representative of the Polish migration in Istanbul) which is a wall against Russia's influence on the straits. The village with this feature had the full Ottoman's support and constructed the symbolic, spiritual and concrete friendship between the Poles and Ottomans.

The village was reminding the invasion days in Poland and the hard situation that the Poles have been through. The existence of a Polish village in Bosphorus was the symbol of the alliance of the Poles & Ottomans that which means Poland will gain its freedom later on after the war in the company of Turkey. A Ukrainian Oracle's famous quote of "Turkish soldiers will chase the enemy and arrive to the river Horyn of Poland and water their horses. That time Poland will rise again." was the sign and basis of this belief.

The village gained great attention and interest since its establishment. It's been called as "Adampol" which means the village of Adam, stands for the founder Adam Czartoryski. Europeans interested with the village at first years. Greatest artists were the first guests of the village.

At the beginning in 18th of February 1842, there were only 4 inhabitants at the village, on April 1842, 9 more also settled down to the village, and years by years after more emigration population increased to hundreds. The inhabitants also took the Turkish citizenship in 1938. Population of the village was 88 in 1866. Agriculture and stock-breeding was popular at the beginning. Labor for tourism have started from the years of 1920s. There was 47 well built house with gardens and 165 people at the village in 1920. During these years the non-Muslims settled in Istanbul were in wonder of Polish people's life style and visiting the village very often. Polonezkoy's reputation spread out to Istanbul very fast with this interest. In 1935, the founder of Turkish Republic, ATATÜRK, have visited Polonezkoy as well.

French Liszt in 1847, Gustave Flaubert in 1850, founder of Turkey Mustafa Kemal ATATURK, Pope 23rd Jean, former President Kenan EVREN and Polish President Lech WALESA and author Pierre Loti were some of the famous visitors. The village had a great affect on its visitors.

Czech author Karel Droz says in his novel "Even this is a fairy tale, it is very real. Far away from the motherland, inside somewhere by the Anatolian hills covered with forests lies a hidden Polish village." He describes the view of the village as "a smile of a corner from heaven".

Years pass by and also the Turks start to come and visit the village. After those years of evolution, the village will be called as "Polonezkoy" which means "the village of the Poles" The visitors were getting mesmerized with the heaven nature. Nowadays, Polonezkoy is one of the most famous villages in the world. Hundred thousands of visitors visit the village every year. The Poles and their traditions still live here. They keep their own culture and history.

Polonezkoy today in Turkish lands, have kept the Polish culture alive for more than 150 years. Although Adampols are very faithful Turkish citizens, they also feel themselves as real Polish people. They speak Polish with each other and carry out their fathers' religious believes without any change. Poland lives through the buildings of the village, people's life style, spare time activities and wedding ceremonies at the same time.

Polonezkoy… A brand new stairway to heaven inside Istanbul; a privilege, a life style… - Travel Guide to famous & touristic Polish village, Polonezkoy (Adampol) in Istanbul, Turkey